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About L+R

L+R is an internationally recognized design & technology studio, we serve as a strategic thought-partner and integrated execution team, boldly navigating the future of businesses that are persuing Web3 initiatives and integrations..

Our team is committed to making things happen, standing at the forefront of change management, and merging strategy, design, and engineering to drive transformation.

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The world’s leading organizations
Small/medium-sized businesses and ambitious startups

We support clients to embrace change.

Our interdisciplinary team provides expertise covering creative design, modern software engineering, branding, and strategy consulting.

  1. Next-Generation Strategy Consulting:
    We help businesses successfully navigate the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital world, through educational workshops, co-creation, and implementing new technologies within Web3 with new and existing operations to optimize your business strategy.

  2. Integrated Branding & Design Services:
    Balancing form and function, we create compelling, user-centered designs that resonate with your target audience and align with your brand identity.

  3. Collaborative Engineering Solutions:
    Our in-house team is proficient in engineering innovative technology solutions that fuel your business growth, with a particular emphasis on seamless integration of blockchain technology.

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Human-Centered Web3 Consulting

At L+R, we value humanism and belief is that every individual, irrespective of their organization, can ignite change and innovation. We prioritize personal engagement, aligning our strategies with your unique ideas and challenges. We eagerly welcome collaboration with anyone ready to shape the future with us.

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