International Design Awards awarded L+R for 3 recent projects

Jan 19, 2022

by Ryan Daly

L+R is excited to announce that we were recently honored with International Design Awards for three separate projects. The International Design Awards competition is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

“Great design packs a punch, makes a statement, or simply helps create a distinctive identity,” the IDA states. “At the IDA, we see design as a work of art. We love designs that manage to be both cutting edge and timeless with a clear identity. Whether it is a logo, a poster, or a piece of animation, the winning project will be something which, once seen, is never forgotten.”

L+R was recognized for three projects.

Spireworks | Silver, Multimedia-Interactive Media

L+R developed the brand identity, app, and backend technology for Spireworks, the largest real-time interactive architectural lighting installation in the world. The awe-inspiring, app-controlled art installation has supported more than 75 causes, been the centerpiece of more than 500 special lighting events, and engaged users in more than 19 million lighting interactions.

Alexander | Gold, Multimedia-Mobile/Web Application Design

L+R guided product strategy, technology design, and mobile development for the Alexander App, an innovative platform that combines award-winning nonfiction, voice narration, video, and imagery with innovative technology and an elevated in-app experience to create an entirely new entertainment experience.

Footprint | Print-Corporate Identity

L+R partnered with Footprint to develop a brand identity that communicates the company’s dedication to incorporating natural materials, human innovation, and technology to remove single-use plastic from the supply chain. The result was an instantly recognizable icon, wordmark, and brand guidelines that visually communicate the brand’s values and separate it from the greenwashed products that dominate consumer packaged goods.

We are honored to be recognized by the International Design Awards for the passion, creativity, and cutting-edge design we bring to each of our client engagements.

Alex Levin
Co-Founder | L+R

Founded in 2007, the International Design Awards (IDA) recognizes, celebrates, and promotes legendary design visionaries and uncovers emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design. The IDA aspires to draw attention to designers around the world who are conceptualizing and producing great creative works.

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