Project Launch

Flutter x Global Citizen Launch Global Gamer Challenge

Jan 9, 2024

by Paige Turner

We are thrilled to introduce the Global Gamers Challenge, a captivating 8-week contest for Flutter developers. A collaboration between Flutter and Global Citizen, this challenge is inspired by the United Nations-facilitated Playing for the Planet Alliance. Participants are encouraged to design, build, and publish games that foster environmental sustainability, such as reducing home energy use, minimizing single-use plastics, and promoting public transportation.

L+R is proud to be involved in the genesis of this initiative through our Strategy Consulting services making the connection between the two organizations. We have been leading the mobile development of the Global Citizen app since 2015(!) and led its seamless transition to Flutter last year which was featured during Flutter's Keynote at Google I/O.

As official Flutter Consultants, our expertise uniquely positions us at L+R to offer unparalleled support to participants in the Global Gamers Challenge, guiding them in creating games that are both impactful and innovative. Learn more here!

Facilitating the collaboration between our partners, Flutter and Global Citizen has been a highlight for us at L+R. It's exciting to see how this ambitious idea has now become a reality, and it's incredibly rewarding to see the Global Gamers Challenge live.

Alex Levin

The challenge emphasizes the creation of games using Flutter and Dart, focusing on environmental sustainability. Submissions must include a working application, a descriptive text, and a demonstration video, adhering to specific guidelines​​​​. The winners will be rewarded with a trip to NYC, including a workshop with the Flutter team and attendance at the Global Citizen Festival 2024​​​​.

An additional challenge involving Google Wallet integration offers a chance to win up to $30,000, encouraging further innovation​​. The entries will be judged on criteria like overall execution, animation use, originality, community value, sustainability content, multiplatform deployment, and potential real-world impact​​.

This is a unique opportunity for developers to leverage their skills for a greater cause while gaining invaluable experience and recognition in the tech community.

We’ve worked with L+R to evolve the App over the years into a powerful platform for change.

Guy Kirkpatrick
Director of Digital Product
Global Citizen

The L+R Engineering team is fully geared up to support anyone interested in participating in the Global Gamers Challenge. With our extensive expertise in Flutter development and a commitment to education and collaboration, our team is poised to offer guidance, technical support, and strategic insights to help turn visionary game concepts into reality. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, our engineers are ready to collaborate, share knowledge, and empower your journey in creating impactful, sustainable gaming experiences!