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L+R's Enterprise Employee Experience Insights Published in Training Magazine

Sep 19, 2023

by Alex Levin

Continuing on the journey to elevate employee experiences, L+R shares insights in their piece published in this month’s issue of Training Magazine, co-authored by Alex Levin, L+R cofounder, and Tulie White, VP of Learning & Development at The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC), highlighting the significance of creating exceptional on-brand digital learning environments. The feature celebrates personalized learning's impact, fostering a strong sense of connection with the organization while bolstering employee growth and retention.

At L+R, we have a deep-rooted focus on enhancing employee experiences, and our partnership with ELC exemplifies this commitment to creating a learning environment that resonates with the workforce on a personal level.

Alex Levin

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September 2023 Issue of Training Magazine

At L+R, we specialize in creating integrated solutions to directly support Employee Experience, aligning seamlessly with organizations and their most valuable asset, their workforce. Our expertise extends beyond traditional design and development; we focus on crafting holistic platform environments that cater to the diverse needs of your workforce. A prime example of this is our collaboration with ELC on their ELC Learning Hub, launched in 2021.

The L+R team consulted with ELC to identify and select Cornerstone as the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) and implemented a powerful interface layer and content management system (CMS) that serves as a one-stop destination for enterprise learning, offering a blend of traditional and modern educational approaches, from virtual sessions and webinars to e-learning modules for over 80,000 global employees. Designed for intuitive navigation, the Hub provides employees with an immersive, on-brand experience that resonates with ELC's luxury beauty brands, thereby fostering a deep sense of belonging and purpose.

As the global leader in prestige beauty, ELC's culture of creativity and innovation has been rooted in over 75 years of learning excellence. Their Enterprise Learning & Development strategy adopts a blended learning approach, catering to diverse learners across regions and roles—embracing traditional classrooms, virtual sessions, webinars, e-learning, and more to ensure an individualized learning journey for each employee.

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In a dynamic business landscape, the human experience and user interface play a pivotal role in driving engagement and retention. The ELC Learning Hub's seamless integration with the brand portfolio enriches the learner experience, sparking a genuine connection with the organization's ethos.

The commitment to personalization and on-brand experiences has earned the ELC Learning Hub the esteemed "People's Voice Winner" Webby Award in HR & Employee Experience category as well as a global Anthem Award win in the Employee Learning & Development Initiative category.

ELC LXP Preview

(L+R from L-R) Rachel Smith, Violet Dine, Trent Howell, Abhi Patil at the 2023 Anthem Awards

We encourage organizations to embrace human-centric design, igniting creativity and innovation in their learning spaces. By prioritizing ingenuity and advanced design expertise, companies can elevate their learning experiences, empowering employees on their journey of growth.

Here's a glimpse into the topics covered in the article:

  • The Power of On-Brand Learning: Unveiling how the ELC Learning Hub brings the organization's luxury brand DNA to the learning experience, fostering a stronger sense of connection.
  • Personalization for Empowerment: Discover how ELC's blended learning approach caters to diverse learners across regions and roles, ensuring a customized learning journey.
  • The Human Experience in Learning: Unravel the pivotal role of user interface and human experience in driving engagement and retention among employees.

We are honored to be featured in Training Magazine and to share insights into the significance of on-brand digital learning. As we move forward, our dedication to empowering employees, delivering forward-thinking solutions, and enriching the learning experience remains unwavering.

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