L+R receives two Platinum Wins at AVA Digital Awards 2023

Apr 4, 2023

by Rena O'Brien

L+R has achieved notable success, securing Platinum Wins in the 2023 AVA Digital Awards for their collaborations with Warner Bros. Advanced Narratives and the Estée Lauder Companies. The AVA Digital Awards, administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP), celebrate outstanding achievements in audio, video, and web-based production across more than 200 categories.

WB AN Site Steps

Warner Bros. Advanced Narratives | Generative Story Telling Platform

For Warner Bros. Advanced Narratives, L+R developed a sophisticated and interactive web platform aimed at redefining the future of storytelling. The challenge lay in integrating artificial intelligence into the entertainment sector in a manner that would resonate with a potentially skeptical audience. L+R's solution was a digital experience that encapsulated Advanced Narratives' innovative storytelling techniques, offering immersive interactivity and visually engaging content to educate visitors about the division's vision. View the full case study.

Chairmans Corner Laptop

The Chairman's Corner on the ELC Learning Hub

In partnership with the Estée Lauder Companies' Learning & Development team, L+R crafted an industry-leading learning management platform that combines advanced skill development programs with a luxurious digital user interface. Designed to meet the demands of modern, flexible, and immersive learning environments, this adaptive eLearning and upskilling platform has also been honored with a Platinum Win. View the full case study.

L+R's recognition in these awards serves as a validation of their expertise and commitment to maintaining a high standard of excellence, thereby setting a benchmark for the industry.

About the AVA Digital Awards:

Established in 1994 as a tribute to the audio-visual arts, the AVA Digital Awards have evolved to honor the dynamic landscape of digital arts, technology, and information dissemination. With the advent of the internet and interactive digital capabilities, communication professionals are now not only disseminating messages but also responding to user interactions to deliver information in a tailored manner. Learn more at