Web3 Leaders from Amazon, NBA, MLB, Polygon, and more attend Sporting Crypto CLUBHOUSE New York City, powered by L+R

Aug 23, 2023

by Rena O'Brien

We are thrilled to celebrate the success of the inaugural Sporting Crypto CLUBHOUSE New York City—an event that brought together an illustrious ensemble of executives from major sports leagues, gaming publishers, technology companies, and Web3’s influential organizations. The CLUBHOUSE served as an active environment, fostering engaging dialogues and illuminating insights that are reshaping the future of the sports, gaming, media, and entertainment industries.

L+R conceived and produced this event in collaboration with our partners at Sporting Crypto, the leading Web3 and sports media company renowned for their #1 Sports Business and Web3 Newsletter. We extend a massive thank you to the Sporting Crypto team as our creative collaborators and the official media partner on the CLUBHOUSE—your invaluable support and innovative contributions were instrumental in making the event a success.

We envisioned the CLUBHOUSE as a platform where conversations start, bringing together executives who are passionate about driving transformative changes in sports, gaming, and entertainment through technology. The overwhelming response and support from esteemed attendees and sponsors reaffirm our commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in this dynamic space.

Pet Berisha
Sporting Crypto

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The event boasted a distinguished roster of senior leadership representatives for Web3 programs from prestigious companies, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Apple. Web3 companies like Hedera, Ethermail, Sorare, BlockBar, Avalanche, and Polygon, alongside sports-centric entities such as PGA Tour, NBA, NFL, and NHL, as well as luxury brands like Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), Ralph Lauren, and RTFKT all added to the richness of the discussions.

Additionally, we extend our gratitude to our sponsors, including Elaine from HBAR, John from Neoswap, Zoe from Glass, and Seb from Yesports. Your generous support and belief in the vision of the Sporting Crypto CLUBHOUSE helped create a space where groundbreaking conversations thrived.

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L+R’s Abhi Patil and Alex Levin were in attendance

We're dedicated to continuing to hone our approach in producing events that bring together the right people in the right atmosphere. Once you can nail this unique setting, it sparks the inspiration needed to lead industries into the future.

Abhi Patil

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Token-gated Hat for CLUBHOUSE attendees who minted the POAP.

Highlighting the event was the offering of a special POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) for those who participated. Attendees could mint this POAP using L+R’s proprietary NFT Mint Link dispenser, simply by scanning a coaster present at the event. This digital badge not only served as a memento of their attendance but also offered a tangible perk: attendees can connect their wallet to levinriegner.xyz and redeem a (token-gated) complimentary hat.

A special shoutout to POAP Studio for their assistance, and kudos to L+R for seamlessly integrating the minting process. The fusion of the virtual and tangible showcases the innovative strides the crypto community is taking to engage and reward enthusiasts. If you're interested in this kind of engagement or wish to learn more, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

The Sporting Crypto CLUBHOUSE exemplifies the importance of human connection and the spirit of innovation, showcasing the boundless potential that unfolds when exceptional minds converge. To every participant and partner, we express our deepest appreciation for your invaluable contributions in making the event a resounding success.

As we chart our path ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating and curating more high-quality in-person experiences that inspire, empower, and unite trailblazing senior leadership professionals.

Following the success in New York City, we are excited to announce the dates for Sporting Crypto CLUBHOUSE London, on September 21st.

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