Insights from New Climate Futures: A Newlab Event

Sep 22, 2023

by Abhishek Patil

I was privileged to attend New Climate Futures at Newlab in New York City on September 21st. It was an inspiring gathering of some of the brightest minds in the clean energy industry, and I'd like to share a few insights and takeaways from this event.

  • Orsted, renowned as the world's largest clean energy company, stood out prominently. Their transformation from traditional energy to renewable sources serves as a beacon of hope for our journey toward a sustainable future. It's incredible to think that the concept of carbon neutrality, which was virtually nonexistent a few years ago, is now at the forefront of our goals.
  • Frances Simpson-Allen, Director of Policy & Market Development at EBB Carbon, highlighted the crucial role of government funding in advancing clean energy initiatives. However, the event emphasized that the intersection of business and policy presents vast opportunities. Collaborations, innovative partnerships, and strategic alliances can greatly expedite progress and drive substantial change in our industry.
  • Ellie Casson, Head of City Policy and Government Affairs at Waymo, stressed the fragility of the clean energy sector. Even minor missteps in communication, delivery, or execution can have far-reaching consequences. Hence, choosing the right partners and maintaining precision in every aspect of our operations is essential for sustained progress. This is the perfect time to build strategic alliances and consider outsourcing services to trusted partners, enabling companies to operate efficiently without compromising resources.

Equip your team with the right resources and collaborate with the right partners.

Ellie Casson
Head of City Policy and Governement Affairs

Proactive engagement in policy matters emerged as another pivotal theme. Waiting until policies become obstacles can be a costly strategy. Instead, investing early in building relationships, participating in lobbying efforts, and ensuring access to the right resources for navigating the ever-evolving policy landscape is vital. Equipping your team with the necessary tools and assets empowers them to make compelling cases, even when faced with opposition.

In today's landscape, the "move fast and break things" philosophy no longer applies, particularly in the clean energy sector. Our focus has shifted towards making informed, responsible decisions, prioritizing long-term impact over quick financial gains. With abundant funds available for allocation, innovators and teams should seize the opportunity to invest early and seek the right partners. If you believe in an idea, persevere, as large enterprises actively seek the best teams to collaborate with.


Newlab at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

At L+R, we are committed to supporting good people doing good work. Our initiative to improve humanity through design has enabled us to collaborate with partners like Global Citizen, Ocean X, CommunityX, 18th Ward, Spireworks, and more. Events like the New Climate Futures are pivotal in driving collective efforts toward a greener and more sustainable future, and we are honored to play a part in this transformative journey.