L+R attends Guardian Summit in New Orleans

May 31, 2023

by Rena O'Brien

As spring turns to summer in the vibrant city of New Orleans, the Guardian Summit is set to welcome leading minds in entrepreneurship, technology, business, and the arts. The event promises enlightening conversations and interactive experiences that foster new and significant connections. This year, the L+R team is excited to be participating in the Summit.

The Guardian Summit is a transformative annual event that fosters meaningful connections through profound dialogues and interactive experiences. Featuring thought-leaders and visionaries from diverse fields like entrepreneurship, technology, business, and the arts, it encourages attendees to shift perspectives and stimulate change. The Summit's core mission is to promote an evolved entrepreneurial and funding ecosystem, centered around communities of color, fostering inclusivity and diversity in the business landscape.

Over the years, L+R has always prioritized knowledge-sharing and continuous learning. Attending the Guardian Summit aligns perfectly with this philosophy, allowing us to gather new insights and connect with other forward-thinking professionals.

With this year's focus areas resonating strongly with L+R's work ethos, The team looks forward to deepening her understanding, forming meaningful connections, and exploring new opportunities. If you're attending the Guardian Summit and would like to connect or learn more about our work at L+R, feel free to reach out on our website.

About Camelback Ventures:

Camelback Ventures is an organization deeply committed to addressing the inequalities of entrepreneurship and venture capital. Their work is driven by a belief in the genius and power of communities of color and under-resourced communities. Camelback Ventures empowers entrepreneurs by providing coaching, capital, and connections, and is dedicated to achieving social impact while maintaining a competitive approach. Their support has been crucial in equipping many entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow their ideas and create lasting change. Their work forms a key part of the broader ecosystem that Guardian Summit aims to foster and evolve. Learn more at camelbackventures.org.