L+R attends the BoF New Frontiers: AI, Digital Culture and Virtual Worlds Summit 2024.

Mar 25, 2024

by Abhi Patil

L+R's team was excited to attend the BoF Professional Summit 2024 in NYC, an event highlighting the impactful convergence of AI, digital culture, and immersive technologies within the fashion industry. Our specialists in design, technology, and strategy gained essential insights from leading innovators shaping the future of fashion. The discussions at the summit revealed how AI is revolutionizing the fashion landscape, from refining supply chain processes to enriching customer experiences.

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Kyle Chayka and Nelly Mensah at New Frontiers Summit.

Kyle Chayka stands out as a distinguished cultural critic and author, known for his deep dives into how technology intertwines with art and society. His sharp observations on the intricate ways digital advancements shape how we consume and create culture provide essential insights. Celebrated for his analytical rigor, Chayka's viewpoints are pivotal for grasping the changing dynamics of digital culture.

At the summit, he advocates for a shift in the way we curate digital content, calling for a balance that favors authentic human connections over the impersonal nature of algorithms. Through his critique, Kyle urges a rethinking of digital algorithms to genuinely benefit users, promoting a digital environment rooted in trust and authenticity.

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Center stage at BOF Professional Summit.

The event also dove into the evolving digital culture and its significant role in shaping brand identities and fostering customer relationships. Jonathan Bottomley's recount of Calvin Klein's viral Spring campaign illustrated the strategic use of timing and cultural resonance in branding. Furthermore, the session explored the growing interplay between the beauty industry and gaming platforms like Roblox, highlighting the importance of crafting digital experiences that are as enriching as physical ones, pushing brands to innovate in their online presence.

Discussions on virtual and augmented reality revealed their capacity to revolutionize design and consumer engagement. LVMH's venture into merging digital innovation with its storied craftsmanship, shared by Nelly Mensah, along with debates on VR's broader application in fashion design, painted a future of limitless possibilities for tech in fashion.

It's an exciting time to be a designer, exploring new possibilities that bring us closer to those who interact with our creations.

María Fernanda Quevedo
Designer at L+R

L+R is committed to educating and guiding our clients in harnessing technological innovations to pioneer a new era of digital craftsmanship in fashion. We extend our gratitude to the BoF team and all the speakers for an enlightening event and are excited about sharing more insights in the future. The knowledge we gain from industry insiders significantly informs our strategic direction.

L+R is excited to leverage these technological advances, aspiring to drive a new wave of digital excellence within the fashion sector. The knowledge and connections gained at this event are set to enrich our strategies and solutions, moving us towards a future where technology and fashion merge, unveiling unparalleled opportunities and value.