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Decrypt Features L+R, Sporting Crypto Social Event within the Art, Fashion, and Entertainment Hub

Dec 3, 2023

by Paige Turner

The Sporting Crypto Social, a gathering in NYC last month at the intersection of sports and cryptocurrency, powered by L+R, was recently covered by Eric Chen in Decrypt, a major voice in AI, Bitcoin, Culture, Gaming, and Crypto news.

The event, notable for its high-caliber attendees and production, included representatives from major sports leagues like the NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA, and leading figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors, including Arbitrum, HBAR, Zora, NEAR, Solana, and Mysten Labs, as well as tech giants AWS, Google, and Apple.

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Jamie King, co-founder Rockstar Games, L+R senior advisor

The Decrypt feature sheds light on the Sporting Crypto Social event's role as a vital forum for exploring the integration of blockchain technology in sports. It brought together influential figures from various fields, emphasizing the event's stature as a melting pot for pioneering ideas and collaborations.

Alex Levin, Founding Partner at L+R, was quoted in the Decrypt article, stating, “In this rapidly advancing tech landscape, our event stands as a vivid reminder of the passionate human spirit that continually drives these industries forward.” Levin's statement highlights the event's emphasis on human interaction and passion as driving forces behind technological and industry advancements.

The article not only underscores its importance in fostering discussions at the nexus of sports and cryptocurrency but also reinforces L+R's position as a catalyst for human-centric approaches in the digital era. The event's mix of high-profile attendees and L+R's thoughtful orchestration exemplify the firm's commitment to leading conversations at the forefront of technology and societal trends.