Jingxuan Yu selected as panelist for “Crafted Future: UX for a New Era” by Webby Awards & WP Engine

Mar 5, 2024

by Abhi Patil

Jingxuan Yu, L+R digital product designer, has been invited to join the panel for "Crafted Future: UX for a New Era." This session, produced by The Webby Awards and WP Engine, explores how brands and agencies must adapt to ever-changing user behaviors, leveraging emerging technologies to meet the growing demands for multifunctionality and hyper-personalization.

Her work, deeply rooted in digital product design, illustrates a forward-thinking approach to UX challenges, integrating simplicity with technological advancements. With a strong background in Human-Computer Interaction and Product Design and a keen interest in Generative AI, Jingxuan will offer insights that merge traditional UX strategies with the innovative potential of AI.

The event will feature approaches to navigate UX in this new era amidst significant change, including conversations with industry leaders such as Andrea Wofford, Lead Web UX Designer at WP Engine; Celine Wang, Digital Designer at CMYK; and moderated by Nick Borenstein, G.M. at The Webby Awards.

As Jingxuan discusses her experiences with UX projects at L+R, the conversation will highlight the latest trends shaping UX in 2024, the essentials of building effective UX, harnessing emerging technology, and designing for a dynamic internet.

Be sure to join the conversation on Linkedin Live on Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, at noon EST.

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