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Alex Levin honored as an Ad Council “Champion for Good”

Oct 1, 2020

by Pam Malinoski

Alex Levin, co-founder of L+R, shares lessons and strategies from the tumultuous year of 2020, including how he’s worked with both his staff and surrounding community, during an interview published in the Ad Council’s “Champion for Good” blog.

“I’ve realized the importance of reaching outside your network to ask questions, listen, and internalize, to gain a perspective as an effective way to see the connection and importance of the individual as well as the overall health of the community,” Levin said during the interview.

He also shares a project that L+R was proud to be a part of this year: one that successfully raised $128 million to help support coronavirus health care workers around the world.


The “Champion for Good” is published as part of the Ad Council’s “AdLibbing” section on its website. The organization uses the platform to share communications tips and tools that can inspire change and improve lives. Alex Levin is also a member of the Ad Council's "User Experience Committee".