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L+R co-founder, Alex Levin, joins the Ad Council’s UX Advisory Committee

Sep 21, 2017

by Meredith Popolo

We are constantly inspired by the individuals and companies that we get to work with. Among them is the Ad Council, which produces, distributes and promotes campaigns that improve our everyday lives. “Love has no labels,” “Take a bite out of crime,” and “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” are just a few of their memorable slogans that inspire us to be better friends, neighbors and global citizens on a daily basis.

That’s why we are so thrilled to give back to the Ad Council by sitting on its UX Advisory Committee. Our co-founder, Alex Levin, works alongside other senior UX designers and engineers from leading digital agencies and brands like Adobe, Frog Design, Twitter, Razorfish and Facebook to ensure the Ad Council’s web sites and mobile applications/games are designed and built with users at the forefront.

“UX is crucial when it comes to engaging people in social activism. A smooth, beautiful experience can open a dialogue or even incite Americans to take action around significant public issues. The mere existence of the Ad Council’s UX Advisory Committee is a testament to how design can change the world, and we’re beyond proud to be a part of it.”

Alex Levin
Co-Founder, L+R