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We empower organizations who have their eyes on the future.

L+R, the international, award-winning strategic design & technology team builds Metaverse experiences, leveraging in-house blockchain technology services.

Our vertical abilities focus on the following:

  1. Compelling Metaverse Content
  2. Metaverse Strategy Consulting
  3. NFT Projects

Wagmi by Design.

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The world’s leading organizations
Small/medium-sized businesses and ambitious startups

Metaverse Virtual Spaces + Compelling Content

We design and develop sustainable and scalable 3D virtual spaces with personalized digital twins and multiple interactions.

  • Virtual stores and products

  • Gaming ecosystems

  • Brand identity visuals

  • Immersive virtual venues for your award contests and social and corporate events

  • Showrooms and real-commerce

  • Metaverse learning and educational platforms

  • Virtual dressing rooms

  • Metaverse corporate offices

Capitalize on the flow to the Metaverse.
Interoperability. Scalability. Security. Differentiation.

Metaverse Strategy Consulting

We customize a plan for you to unleash your metaverse potential.

Map out your vision and build your metaverse experience, analyzing potential opportunities + ROI: revenue expected and implementation costs.


  • Deep Dive Research: Trends & Competitor Analysis

  • In-depth Interview

  • Primary Research / User interview

  • Brainstorming Session & Opportunity Finding

  • Ideation & Concept Proposal

  • Prototype

  • Build & Launch

NFT Projects

Collaborating with our in-house digital artists, we design and develop NFT projects and art pieces to be shared within the metaverse, released to communities, and/or go on auction.

NFTs can be a combination of a physical element + NFT components and assigned to artwork, collectibles, videos, or any other digital assets.

With the metaverse we are transitioning from viewing a 2D world looking at the Internet to living inside the Internet in a 3D world.

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By the numbers
of the world's population is using blockchain technology
$1.67 Trillion
Estimated boost by blockchain for global GDP by 2030

Driven by equity
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