L+R recognized with Anthem Award for Humanitarian Action & Services Strategy

Jan 30, 2024

by Rena O'Brien

L+R is proud to announce its recent achievement at the 2024 Anthem Awards, securing a win in the categories of Humanitarian Action & Services Strategy within Community Engagement for its transformational Global Citizen App Refresh. This achievement recognizes the innovative strategy and impactful engagement L+R has fostered in the realm of Social Impact.

The Anthem Awards, a platform celebrating purpose and mission-driven work, highlights the efforts of organizations in various fields, including humanitarian action. The win in this category emphasizes the approach the L+R Strategy team took with the Global Citizen team in the approach to developing and implementing the new version of the mobile application.

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L+R's strategy for the Global Citizen App was crafted with a clear understanding of the target community's needs and the broader societal implications. The application serves as an empowering tool for youth, engaging them in meaningful ways to contribute to humanitarian causes. The meticulous planning, including considerations of cost and creative execution, ensured that the strategy was not only effective but also sustainable and impactful.

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The significance of this award, especially in the category of Strategy, underscores the importance of thoughtful planning and execution in humanitarian efforts. It's a recognition of the dedication and expertise L+R brings to its projects, ensuring that each endeavor is not just a task but a mission to drive positive change.

Adding to the excitement, this award coincides with the Hackathon that L+R’s Strategy team facilitated, in collaboration with Google and Global Citizen. This event was a testament to the power of collective effort and innovative thinking in addressing global issues.

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