L+R @ Forbes CIO Next Summit

Oct 27, 2022

by Rena O’Brien

Today, L+R joins top minds in business at the Forbes CIO Next Summit in New York City, an event that brings together technology leaders to discuss the industry's latest trends and challenges. The CIO Next Summit is an excellent opportunity for L+R to network with other industry professionals, share thoughts, and learn about the latest developments in the world of IT.

The Forbes CIO Next Summit has become one of the world's most respected gatherings of top enterprise CIOs and other senior IT executives. Each year, it assembles a thought-provoking program of speakers from some of the world's most successful companies. Below are some of the highlights from the conference:

  • Keynote speeches from some of the top minds in the tech industry, including Cal Henderson, Cofounder & CTO at Slack
  • Insightful panel discussions on the latest trends in enterprise technology such as How Tech Leaders Are Using Automation To Create "Software Factories" Of The Future
  • Breakout sessions on a variety of topics relevant to CIOs and other IT leaders

The importance of code to corporate success has grown more significant than ever before. Now, every company needs to think like a software company. As a result of this tectonic shift in how business is done, CIOs are gaining increased prominence in the C-suite and have more responsibilities than ever before.

The event resonates with L+R's pillars to be foresightful leaders in the tech industry that spot the exciting potential of digital innovations today while maintaining a laser-like focus on customer needs and experiences that will help their organizations thrive despite pandemic-induced uncertainty in the future.

If you want to connect with the L+R team to discuss insights from the Forbes CIO Summit, reach out to us on our website, and we'll make it happen!