L+R Barcelona hosts Flutter I/O Extended Event

Jun 19, 2023

by Pedro Manfredi

L+R recently hosted a focused session on Google Flutter at our Barcelona office, targeting technical managers, team leads, and Flutter developers. The aim was to provide insights into the latest developments in the Flutter framework and updates from Google I/O '23.

The growth of digital technologies like Flutter is a key driver in the modern tech landscape. Flutter, as an open-source UI software development kit from Google, has the ability to streamline the development of cross-platform applications. Updating ourselves and the developer community on these advancements can aid in the development of more efficient applications.

The event started with a discussion led by L+R engineer Alex Queudot, shedding light on the updates to Flutter 3.10 and Dart 3. Another session by Javier Torrus, a fellow engineer, touched on the conversion of Flutter to Web Assembly. These presentations offered an in-depth understanding of the recent developments in Flutter.

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This event underlined the importance of information exchange and networking within the developer community. L+R's commitment to encouraging these platforms is based on our belief in collective learning and growth. Staying abreast of evolving technologies and frameworks is key to delivering up-to-date solutions to our clients, and our participation in the developer community reflects this commitment.

The networking session that followed the presentations allowed for interaction and idea exchange amongst the participants. This not only led to insightful discussions but also opened up opportunities for future collaboration.

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In summary, the event underscored L+R's commitment to engaging with and contributing to the developer community. By staying at the forefront of technologies like Flutter, we aim to provide the best possible services to our clients while contributing to the broader tech community. Looking ahead, we anticipate hosting similar sessions to facilitate ongoing learning and collaboration within the industry.