Delving into Apple's Vision Pro's Potential with Ivan Leider, L+R Engineering Director

Jun 9, 2023

by Ivan Leider

After years of anticipation, Apple's latest innovation, the Vision Pro, has finally been unveiled. As an augmented reality (AR) headset, Vision Pro is much more than a piece of hardware; it marks a significant shift in how we interact with digital media.

Revealed at the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the Vision Pro heralds Apple's most ambitious venture since the release of the Apple Watch. It's not just a headset but a "spatial computer," a device designed to seamlessly blend digital media with the real world, enabling users to interact with the system using physical gestures, eye tracking, and voice commands. Vision Pro runs on visionOS, a derivative of iOS designed for extended reality software.


The Vision Pro carries Apple's hallmark blend of high cost with pioneering technology. Although it may appear less capable in some areas, it represents a remarkable leap forward. Apple's characteristic approach to product launches is reflected in the Vision Pro, from the unique product category positioning to the commitment to learn from user interaction.

Apple's language around the Vision Pro is particularly interesting. Designating it as a "Pro" product, Apple is positioning it as a tool for professionals. The emphasis on spatial computing positions Vision Pro alongside Apple's personal computing (Mac) and mobile computing (iPhone) platforms.

The interaction model of Vision Pro is ground-breaking, allowing a 3D interface controlled with eyes, hands, and voice. It also supports peripheral devices like keyboards and trackpads. One of the more intriguing design decisions is the EyeSight feature, allowing users to maintain visual contact with their environment.

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The Vision Pro's capabilities span across work, entertainment, gaming, and communication. In addition to these, Apple Arcade will also be available on the platform. One unexpected design feature is the detached battery, which users will need to carry in their pockets.

Vision Pro comes with an array of impressive specifications. It syncs seamlessly with iCloud, and the device boasts an incredible 5000 new patents, as well as remarkable computing power, speed, and display definition. Vision Pro also integrates seamlessly with Mac and includes FaceTime with AI rendering, spatial audio, video, and photo capabilities.

On the security front, Vision Pro offers OpticID for authentication using the iris, a secure enclave, and private eye input inaccessible to apps. Despite the high price tag of $3499, considering the myriad of features it offers, it's understandable.

The Vision Pro heralds a new era of technological possibilities that aligns perfectly with our future goals at L+R. This innovation opens up a world of opportunities for us to create exceptional digital experiences and award-winning applications with a focus on augmented reality. We are excited for what the future holds, as we continue to support our clients with their eyes firmly fixed on the future.

About Ivan Leider

Ivan Leider, the Director of Engineering at L+R, has a storied career in the development of Apple software. From the early days of the Apple App Store, Ivan has been at the forefront of innovation, playing a key role in the creation of one of the first Bluetooth-connected mobile applications. Over the years, his work at L+R has culminated in renowned digital experiences and award-winning mobile applications that have positively impacted the lives of people around the world.