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Alex Levin's Feature in CSO Magazine: Navigating Cybersecurity in Design

Dec 7, 2023

by Paige Turner

We are proud to announce that Alex Levin, a founding partner at L+R, has been featured in CSO Magazine, a premier publication serving enterprise security decision-makers. His article provides a roadmap for design firms to navigate and implement cybersecurity protocols effectively.

CSO Magazine stands at the forefront of providing essential information to combat cyber threats and criminal cyberattacks. It delves deep into various security disciplines, from risk management to network defense, offering rich insights and comprehensive coverage for IT security professionals. Alex's feature in such a respected publication underscores the relevance and importance of our efforts in cybersecurity.

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In his article, Alex outlines L+R’s journey towards attaining SOC 2 compliance, reflecting our commitment to safeguarding data and ensuring the highest security standards in our projects. The piece connects this to our work in everything from branding, UX/UI and Flutter development, and our consulting in the cutting-edge fields of AI, Web3 & blockchain, and 3D/AR/VR, showcasing how security is ingrained in every aspect of our services.

Furthermore, Alex emphasizes the importance of a secure digital work environment in enhancing employee experiences. This internal focus on security is pivotal for fostering a culture of innovation and trust, both within our team and in our client engagements.

In refining our approach to selecting the appropriate audit and attestation consultants, we concentrated on a set of core criteria that resonated with our organizational needs and values.

Alex Levin
Founding Partner

We are honored to have our approach and insights shared in CSO Magazine, a publication revered for its depth and insight in IT security. Alex’s feature is not only a reflection of our commitment to cybersecurity but also serves as a valuable resource for design firms navigating the complexities of digital security.

We invite you to delve into Alex Levin’s feature in CSO Magazine, a must-read for anyone looking to understand the intersection of cybersecurity and design in today's digital landscape.