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Your Apple Vision Pro App Development Partner

Crafting Next-Generation Spatial Computing Experiences

At L+R, we’ve been pioneering application development for Apple Vision Pro since its SDK became available in September 2023.

With over a decade of experience in creating globally recognized digital products, we excel in translating the advanced capabilities of Apple Vision Pro into custom, impactful applications for businesses.

Need a trusted partner in this new era of spatial computing? Turn your innovative ideas into reality.

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Our Services

  1. Custom Vision Pro App Development
  2. Porting Existing Apps to Vision Pro
  3. Immersive 3D Experience Design
  4. Spatial Computing Strategy & Consultation
  5. Real-Time 3D Content Development

Elevating Business Solutions
through Spatial Computing

Discover Endless Possibilities with Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro marks a new era in the way we interact with technology, merging digital content seamlessly with the physical environment.

L+R’s modern software engineering expertise brings this technology to life, creating immersive, three-dimensional applications that revolutionize business engagement and operations.

Key opportunities include:

  • Enhanced User Interaction: Experience natural, user-centric digital interactions, reshaping the user experience landscape.
  • Tailored Virtual Environments: Craft dynamic, expansive environments with Vision Pro, catering to diverse business and entertainment needs.
  • Unprecedented Realism: Experience a new level of immersion with 3D visuals and Spatial Audio, merging digital and physical worlds like never before.

When I first experienced Apple Vision Pro, it was nothing short of a revelation. It’s not just a step forward; it’s a whole new dimension in technology. Our team is thrilled to explore the endless possibilities this opens up for our clients.

Ivan Leider Director of Engineering L+R
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