Spireworks @ Sven Declassified

The world’s largest interactive architectural art installation and donation platform for a building owner and its tenants.


Integrated in 3 commercial use skyscrapers in New York City

Servicing 40,000 building tenants

Featured in Wall Street Journal

Red Dot Award winner


Building Engagement

The Durst Organization, a respected leader in the real estate industry, has a long history of successfully managing three of New York City's most iconic buildings. They have recently constructed the residential tower known as Queens Plaza Park, also known as Sven, the second tallest in the Long Island City skyline, and sought to further enhance their offerings and engage with tenants and the neighborhood. The organization has partnered with L+R to create a tenant experience that not only welcomes new tenants with value and unique experiences but also celebrates the beauty of the building's architecture within the iconic NYC skyline.

Placemaking, discovery, and action at a distance.

Mark Domino, Spireworks Creator


Technology-Enabled Design

L+R integrated Sven within the awe-inspiring and powerful Spireworks app. After extensive research, L+R integrated insights to increase social activism and engagement in alignment with causes that affect our society broadly. Sven is amongst the 5th official Spireworks installation on the platform. Learn more about our work on Spireworks here.