Global Citizen Case File Declassified

A festival’s mobile app evolved into the future of social activism and awareness

Client The Global Poverty Project

Digital Product Development

Applied Innovation


Downloaded in over 150 countries

Award Winner for Social Mobile App 2017 by Communicator Awards

Special Features: NBC, Billboard, NYT, A-Plus, Brooklyn


We are honored to work with the team at Global Citizen to create a mobile application platform that reimagines global social activism in order to tackle society’s biggest challenges.

Used actively by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the app facilitates the education of pressing issues, the support of organizations working on the ground, and for systemic, lasting change.

“We’ve worked with L+R to evolve the App over the years into a powerful platform for change.”
Guy Kirkpatrick

Product Manager at
The Global Poverty Project


Founded in 2008, The Global Poverty Project’s vision is a world without extreme poverty. The movement mobilizes people to take action surrounding the policies and practices that keep people in poverty.

One of the organization’s ongoing and powerful initiatives is Global Citizen; an active online community platform and the host of large-scale festivals around the world. Understanding the empowering characteristics of a personal mobile device, the Global Citizen team looked to collaborate with L+R.

Group of people dancing
Group of children smiling
Global Citizen logo
Woman with child farming
Landscape image at sundown


How can technology evolve social activism?

Design a mobile experience that empowers a vast, multilingual, community of social activists. Share knowledge, actions, and activate attendees during multiple large-scale events throughout the year, all around the world.

The festivals are only a small part of the movement, our teams began to investigate the impact of the community as a whole and how it could be empowered.


Digital Activism. The future of public assembly.

Build the application as a centralized «Action» platform that can be used throughout the year and activated during special events like GC Festivals.

By leveraging Global Citizen’s partnership with Live Nation, the application can house all events that are accessible to users. At the same time, users can take actions on the issues that they care about most to spread awareness, educate themselves and their community, get access to events they love, and catalyze change.

Crowd at festival


Take action Take Action

Hundreds of social Actions, updated in real-time by The Global Citizen policy team. Each Action type uses a unique function to spread awareness and leverage the mobile platform.

Action Types:
Global citizen take action twitter


Global citizen take action sign petition

Sign a Petition

Global citizen take action call


Global citizen take action email


Global citizen take action photo

Post a Photo

Global citizen take action checkin


Global citizen app on mobile

Newsfeed icon Newsfeed

Features content based on core issues for deeper education.

Newsfeed Newsfeed

Rewards icon Rewards Rewards badge

When users take actions, they earn points. These points can be use to enter contests to win tickets to their favorite events throughout the year.

Event 1
Event 2
Event 3
Event 4
Event 5
Event 6
Event 7
Event 8


Pre Festival

Hundreds of social Actions, updated in real-time by The Global Citizen policy team. Each Action type uses a unique function to spread awareness and leverage the mobile platform.

Festival pass image

During Festival

Leading up to the events, the app transitions to a unique journey for those interested in attending.

Festival stage and crowd on mobile
Global Citizen festival in ny 2014
New York 2014
Global Citizen festival munich 2015
Munich 2015
Global Citizen festival in ny 2015
New York 2015
Global Citizen festival in ny 2016
New York 2016
Global Citizen festival in mumbai 2016
Mumbai 2016
Global Citizen festival in ny 2017
New York 2017
Global Citizen smiling audience members
Global Citizen singer
Global Citizen stage

As world leaders, activists, celebrities and music performers take the stage, attendees of the event all have the app and are sent relevant Actions based off what is currently being discussed.

Global Citizen singer
Global Citizen happy audience members
Global Citizen audience

Iterative Process

Process image Process mobile image
Product analytics dot

Product Analytics

Product analytics dot

Our analytics platform continues to build insights and allow for analysis of how users are behaving within the app to optimize for usability and business goals.

Product analytics dot



An integration with Tanooki Labs’ Actionmoji in to the applications gives Global Citizens a set of playful assets to share sentiment with their friends while raising awareness for the movement.

keyboard emojis
keyboard emojis


The introduction of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) iBeacons is an exciting transformation for the applications’ user experience. The foundation introduces innovative solutions for connectivity, privacy, accessibility and more.
Read more iBeacon technology

Image of crowd Image of crowd
“The success of the App is a result of working alongside highly skilled and collaborative teams who truly understand and align with our mission.”
Mark Lehman

Chief Technology Officer at
The Global Poverty Project


500,000+ App downloads
App downloads
Special Features
Special Features: NBC, Billboard, NYT, A-Plus, Brooklyn
150 Countries
App downloads
Social Mobile App Award 2017
Communicator Awards
Gold Award Winner User Experience 2016
5+ Trending topics catalyzed
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