Project Launch

A LinkedIn for music professionals, L+R designs the User Interface for the Jammcard app

Apr 28, 2017

by L+R

L+R is excited to announce its collaboration with Jammcard LLC, the company behind Jammcard, a private network for music professionals.

Jammcard connects musicians, producers, singers, songwriters, directors, technicians, managers and live/studio engineers, helping them showcase their skills, promote their work, network with other industry professionals and, ultimately, land gigs. The invite-only network is currently open to members of the greater Los Angeles community.

L+R led the strategic development of Jammcard, focusing on creating an intuitive user experience. As with most social networks, Jammcard’s success depends largely upon reaching critical mass, so designing an app interface that was both easy-to-use and sticky was vital.

“The main challenge in redesigning the Jammcard app was in overhauling the entire brand, user experience, and user interface simultaneously. After the initial launch, we’ve been working strategically to continually improve the application design with incremental features based on user feedback and analytics. The result is a powerful app that meets a big market need.”

Ryan Riegner

“I love working with L+R. Their designs are clean and modern; they hit deliverables; and they communicate effectively. They are the triple threat combining great design, simple interface, and a cool factor only they can bring.”

Elmo Lovano

About Jammcard, LLC

Jammcard, LCC is the company behind the Jammcard App, a private network for music professionals. Founded by famed drummer and music director Elmo Lovano, Jammcard connects musicians, producers, songwriters, sound engineers and other music industry professionals, helping them showcase their work and network with others in the business.

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