Client Update

Jammcard Adds New York To Professional Musician Community

Oct 3, 2019

by Pamela Malinoski

Jammcard 2cut The New York City release was at a JammJamm at the Cutting Room on October 2. During the event, L+R incorporated another client, Spireworks, into the festivities. Spireworks worked with L+R to create a robust digital platform that allows users to control the lights atop iconic New York skyscrapers. Yellow spire lights will signal Jammcard’s release, and proceeds from the event will be donated to Education Through Music, a local charity that provides instruments, materials and supplies to children learning music in New York City.
L+R works to build products with economic, social, environmental, emotional or physical benefits. Technology has a critical role in shaping society, and the organization is guided by a commitment to responsible innovation. Our work with the Jammcard team aligns with our mission, philosophy, and vision of our future.