Ivan Leider from L+R talks at Bamboo Academy in Barcelona about collaborative development teams

Oct 14, 2020

by Pam Malinoski

L+R exec to share the importance of holistic team building between developer and client

Ivan Leider, L+R's engineering director, is giving a talk about the importance of team collaboration and how to nurture client relationships at the Bamboo Academy in Barcelona, Spain, on October 15th.


“It’s important for developers to remember that a technological solution in and of itself is not really what a client is seeking,” Leider explained. “In the end, clients want a solid, trusted relationship with a partner who’s got their success in mind. It’s critical to work on building a holistic team -- one that operates seamlessly and transparently with a shared vision.”

Leider brings his experience within mobile development from when the App App Store was launched in 2008. His career with L+R has continued; managing complex projects and teams deploying a multitude of cross-functional apps impacting millions around the world.


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