Hyper Island, L+R participate in AI Business Consulting Learning Partnership

Jan 24, 2024

by Ivan Leider

Hyper Island, a digital creative business school has been a pioneer in industry training using digital technology since its inception in 1996 in Karlskrona, Sweden. With a global presence that spans Sweden, Brazil, the UK, the US, and Singapore, Hyper Island has carved a niche in blending education with real-world business applications.

L+R had the opportunity to engage with over 40 students currently enrolled at Hyper Island in a Learning Partnership program centered around Artificial Intelligence. This initiative involved working with 10 dynamic teams from the school, each bringing a unique perspective on the application of AI in various sectors. This initiative is a part of Hyper Island's Learning Partnerships program, which bridges the gap between academic learning and industry needs. These partnerships involve collaboration between students and organizations, focusing on practical, hands-on projects.

Group 1012

The teams from Hyper Island impressed us with their understanding and application of AI principles. Their approaches were grounded in real-world scenarios, making the theoretical aspects of AI tangible and applicable. The final presentations by these teams were a highlight of the partnership. They were not just academic exercises but a demonstration of how AI can be effectively integrated into different business models and strategies. The depth of research and the practicality of the proposed solutions were commendable.

At L+R, our journey in the realm of Artificial Intelligence has been marked by significant milestones over the past 2 years, most recently, the launch of The Alliance™, Powered by OpenAI on the GPT Store. Our AI Consulting Services have been instrumental in helping businesses leverage AI for strategic advantage.

As we reflect on this partnership, we are reminded of the importance of bridging the gap between education and industry. The real-world readiness of Hyper Island students is a crucial asset for businesses looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. At L+R, we are committed to continuing our exploration of AI and other emerging technologies, and collaborations like this with Hyper Island are integral to our journey of growth and innovation.