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[LISTEN] Bold Creators Podcast Interviews Alex Levin

Sep 2, 2020

by Pam Malinoski

Alex Levin, co-founder of L+R, unveils the company’s origins as well as its philosophy in today’s fast-paced market on the Bold Creators podcast. The story begins with serendipity but quickly turns to a unique philosophy focused on strategy, aesthetics and value.

“I love sharing our company’s story and what makes us different from our competition out there,” Levin said. “We’ve found a special market that now sees L+R as a thought leader in our space. It was a beautiful moment when customers started seeking us out.”

Bold Creators is a podcast produced by Wix.com. Every episode shares the unique real story of an agency considered as one of the boldest creators in their space. Special guests have included founders of Hello Monday, Traction, LaneTerralever, and more. Listeners are invited to learn from their successes and failures as well as how they changed the game.