L+R Receives 2023 Communicator Award in Excellence for Warner Bros. Advanced Narratives

May 8, 2023

by Rena O'Brien

L+R is thrilled to announce that they have won an Excellence Award in the Use of Emerging Technology for Immersive & Experiential category at the 2023 Communicator Awards. This awards program recognizes distinction in communication across industries and mediums.

This year, L+R received an award for the firm's work on the Warner Bros. Advanced Narratives website, which provides a unique and interactive experience that educates and engages users on the benefits of AI integration in entertainment.

With this project, L+R has pushed the boundaries of what's possible in choose-your-own-adventure storytelling, showcasing the endless possibilities of Advanced Narrative storytelling. The user-friendly platform illustrates L+R's ability to deliver exceptional interactive experiences that captivate and inspire audiences to consider the potential opportunities that can come from merging human creativity with AI’s seemingly infinite technological abilities. ingenuity.

Several L+R team members were involved in creating and delivering this innovative project. The company wants to recognize Rachel Smith, Maximilian Benner, Violet Dine, Trent Howell, Jenny Rudziensky, and Alex Levin for working together to bring their vision for an immersive and innovative experience.

“Developing the engineering behind the Warner Bros. Advanced Narratives website was a challenging and exciting experience. Our team was dedicated to implementing emerging technologies in an innovative way that would create an immersive and experiential platform for users. Winning the Communicator Award for Use of Emerging Technology is a great honor and recognition of the hard work and ingenuity that went into this project.”

Winning the Communicator Award for Use of Emerging Technology is a great honor and recognition of the hard work and ingenuity that went into this project.

Maximilian Benner

About the Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards is one of the world's most prominent award shows of its kind. This year, it was tasked with the challenge of narrowing down winners from nearly 5,000 entries submitted by agencies, studios, boutique shops, and companies.

In 2023, the show focused on recognizing work that utilized clear and impactful storytelling to make a lasting impact on the people who experience it.

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