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Your Meta Quest App Development Partner

Redefining Reality, One App at a Time

At L+R, we’re not just developers; we’re digital explorers, pushing the boundaries of VR, AR, and XR since 2016. Supporting clients with emerging technology has been part of our DNA since our inception in 2012, a journey documented in the latest 2024 L+R Applied Imagination Review.

Our extensive experience in crafting world-class digital products has prepared us to harness the full potential of Meta Quest, transforming innovative concepts into immersive applications that drive business success.

Ready to dive into the future of spatial computing? Let's turn your vision into a vibrant reality.

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Our Services

  1. Bespoke Meta Quest App Development
  2. Seamless App Porting to Meta Quest
  3. Innovative 3D Experience Design
  4. Strategic Spatial Computing Consultation
  5. Dynamic Real-Time 3D Content Creation

Transforming business
through Spatial Computing

Unleash the Power of Meta Quest

Meta Quest isn't just a device; it's a gateway to a new era of interaction, blending the digital and physical worlds seamlessly.

With L+R’s cutting-edge software engineering, we bring this technology to life, creating groundbreaking 3D applications that redefine business engagement and operational efficiency.

Opportunities Beyond Imagination:

  • Customized XR Applications: Design expansive, dynamic environments tailored to your business needs.
  • Hyper-Realistic Immersion: Dive into unparalleled realism with stunning 3D visuals and spatial audio, merging digital and physical like never before.
  • Interactive AI Brilliance: Engage with intuitive, user-focused digital interactions that set new standards in user experience leveraging Generative AI.

Meta Quest is a game-changer in spatial computing. It's not just about technology; it's about creating immersive experiences that were previously unimaginable. At L+R, we're excited to leverage this platform to push the boundaries of what's possible for our clients.

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