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We empower organizations who have their eyes on the future.

L+R, the international, award-winning strategic design & technology team educates your executive team on key topics like web3/blockchain, digital product development, and AI & ML with our Applied Imagination Sessions (AIS).

Our current curriculum is focused on the following:

  1. Web3/NFT/Metaverse Foundations, Technology, & Ecosystem
  2. Advanced Mobile Technologies & Digital Product
  3. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Computer Vision

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Web3/NFT/Metaverse Foundations, Technology, & Ecosystem

In this AIS program, we educate you and your senior leadership on the design and develop sustainable and scalable web3 strategies.

  • Virtual stores and products

  • Gaming ecosystems

  • Brand identity visuals

  • Immersive virtual venues for your award contests and social and corporate events

  • Showrooms and real-commerce

  • Metaverse learning and educational platforms

  • Virtual dressing rooms

  • Metaverse corporate offices

Capitalize on the flow to Web3.
Interoperability. Scalability. Security. Differentiation.

Advanced Mobile Technologies & Digital Product

In this AIS program, we cover the historical context and growth within software development and hardware development to map out the current opportunities with organizations to leverage mobile technologies.

Map out your vision and build your CX & BX, analyzing potential opportunities + ROI: revenue expected and implementation costs.


  • Deep Dive Research: Trends & Competitor Analysis

  • In-depth Interview

  • Primary Research / User interview

  • Brainstorming Session & Opportunity Finding

  • Ideation & Concept Proposal

  • Prototype

  • Build & Launch

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Computer Vision

In this AIS program, we cover the core of the AI/ML movement, collaborating with our in-house engineering team, we educate and design senior leadership to support the ideation of high-value projects, initiatives, and ROI.

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