Yankee Candle AR Declassified

Retailer innovates customer experience and personalization powered by computer vision


Amplified social media reach

Launched nationally in Yankee Candle retail stores

Featured on POPSUGAR


Modernize Personalization

Yankee Candle, the largest candle shop in the United States, works to release creative new products to its loyal customers every year. The company retained L+R to help create a technology-enabled personalization component for its latest product line of candles, revolutionizing the candle gift.


Technology-Enabled Design

The L+R team researched, prototyped, and integrated multiple advanced mobile technologies and created a way to use a phone to enhance a customer’s experience. By adding a personalized, scannable label on a purchased candle, L+R tied the gift to a personalized message that is accessible by the recipient’s phone.


Computer Vision Correspondence

Launched in Yankee Candle retail stores around the country, the new product offering allows customers to create a photo and custom message to be incorporated on the candle label. When recipients receive candles, they can scan the label with their phones and view personalized video messages as part of the gift package.