Mindtribe Declassified

Online brand identity for a groundbreaking connected hardware engineering team


Mindtribe's collaboration with Tesla on development of first Tesla Roadster

Mindtribe's acquisition by Accenture marked a significant milestone in their journey


L+R partnered with Mindtribe, a renowned connected hardware development company, to revamp their website and enhance their online presence. The goal was to showcase Mindtribe's impressive portfolio of groundbreaking projects and highlight their unique expertise in hardware engineering, software development, and design.


L+R's collaboration with Mindtribe resulted in a visually stunning website that effectively communicates Mindtribe's expertise and showcases their impressive track record. The redesigned website highlights their pioneering collaborations, including the work with Tesla, and emphasizes their position as a leading player in the connected hardware industry. The enhanced user experience and cohesive branding contribute to Mindtribe's continued success in revolutionizing clients' businesses through connected hardware solutions.

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