Juno Medical Declassified

Visual identity that brings family values to the healthcare system.


“One-stop” solution for the whole family

Seamless technology that just works

Hyperlocal content marketing and deep community relationships


Family-first, Healthy World

Juno Medical brings together a unique blend of healthcare professionals, product developers, and service-oriented technology experts into a “one-stop” healthcare solution for the whole family. The group needed a strategic design partner to co-create a strong visual identity for its launch in high-potential neighborhoods that have significant unmet healthcare needs.


Technology-Enabled Design

L+R ideated, curated, and validated Juno Medical’s visual identity and refined its messaging to resonate with customers. The team successfully positioned Juno in both the physical and digital realms as a single-stop, neighborhood-based healthcare solution for a new generation of families. The brand reflects a family focus to build the deep trust required for success.


Visual Identity with Personality

Juno Medical provides patients with access to clinical services and real-time price transparency. L+R created a brand identity that aligns with this humanist philosophy, helping Juno stand out as a technology-enabled, contemporary healthcare destination for families. The solution reflected Juno’s people-first, community-focused mission, based on integrity and excellence.

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