Hybrid 2.0 Declassified

A democratically-driven, technologically enabled creation platform to make collective art


Over 500 participants worldwide

In partnership with Typeform

Featured in London exhibition

About the project

L+R collaborated with famed gallery Lévy Gorvy for their exhibition of Peter Phillips and Gerald Laing's 1965 work, Hybrid. The artists had surveyed 137 art literates including Ivan Karp, Lawrence Alloway, David Whitney, and Leo Castelli; participants chose from a sampling of colors, media, and other art components. The 2.0 version was a digital platform inviting the public to participate which opened access globally, enabled by technology.

Hybrid 2.0 is a leading example of the importance of actionable information gathering, and couldn’t think of a better team to complete it other than L+R and Lévy Gorvy.

Ana Carolina Macià, Typeform