Factory_OS Declassified

Conceptual brand identity system for innovative home construction aligns with disruptive real estate development methods


Featured in NYT, SF Chronicle

Received $30 million contract from Alphabet for Google's Campus


Big Ideas Actualized

Factory OS is revolutionizing home construction. By combining pioneering technology with proven manufacturing methods, the company is building multi-family modular structures more efficiently and at a lower cost. The group called on L+R to build a brand strategy that included the positioning, naming, and executing of the brand itself.


Technology-Enabled Design

L+R analyzed prospective clients as well as the 50-year history of pre-fabricated real estate. The L+R team wanted to capture that longevity and combine it with an innovative feel. The "OS" component served as a double entendre for the company’s off-site production and a well-known tech abbreviation. An eloquent blue communicated depth and stability.

Piece by Piece, a Factory-Made Answer for a Housing Squeeze. Developers are taking on residential building challenges by extending the concept of prefabricated housing to manufacture entire apartment buildings.

New York Times


Residential Building Revolution

Factory OS appeared in The New York Times, after receiving a $30 million order from Alphabet’s cities-focused subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs. The company will be building Google’s new campus of 300 homes. Factory OS is an Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact partner and has raised an additional $22.7 million in funding.