Droplette Declassified

Luxury digital customer experience for a transformational skincare delivery technology device

Client droplette

UX Design


Mobile Development

Strategy Consulting

Research & Testing


NASA-backed technology

Featured on Global Cosmetic Industry, Forbes, The Zoe Report

Founded by two inspiring MIT PhDs


Support User Engagement and Back-End Technology

Droplette’s patented needle-free technology creates an enhanced mist with tiny droplets that can deliver luxury skincare products deep into the skin, solving a long-standing delivery problem. Droplette engaged L+R to create a brand that conveyed the science behind the technology and a robust backend system to support product purchase and subscriptions.


Technology-Enabled Design

The L+R team worked alongside Droplette's backend and firmware team to navigate around hardware issues, all while simultaneously creating a fun and innovative brand and app that conveyed the client's cutting-edge luxury technology. L+R delivered branding, packaging and website services while designing and building the Droplette iOS app that connects to the device.

It’s easy to build one solution that works in a laboratory setting, but having it work consistently and at the highest quality required a significant effort from the team. Perfecting that was a huge challenge and we are really proud of that.

Madhavi Gavini, Ph.D, Co-founder, Droplette


Product Recognition and Success

Featured in Forbes, Instyle, The Zoe Report, Global Cosmetics Industry and Huffington Post, the luxury app has revolutionized and personalized skincare. As a result of the campaign, Droplette secured additional investor funding, acquired more customers, and attracted the attention of notable beauty influencers.