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Digital product development connecting dog lovers through mobile dating


Filling a significant gap in the dating world and catering to the needs of this community.

Featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, NPR, Cheddar and more


Bridging the Gap in the Dating World for Dog Lovers

Dig founders, Casey and Leigh Isaacson, identified a significant gap in the dating world: the need for a platform that connects dog lovers. With 55% of single adults in the United States being pet owners, the opportunity to create a unique dating app tailored to the needs of this community was evident.


Creating a Tail-Wagging Dating Experience

Through mobile app design and development, L+R collaborated with Dig to bring their vision to life. We optimized the dating process for dog owners, providing a platform that caters to their unique lifestyle and shared love for dogs. The app not only connects like-minded individuals but also celebrates the importance of the four-legged companions in their lives.

"Woof! Dig has been absolutely paw-some for me! Thanks to this amazing app, my human found their furry soulmate, and we've become the best of pals."

- One Happy Puppy


Pawsitively Connecting Dog Lovers in Boston and Beyond

Dig Dates revolutionized the dating experience for dog lovers, fostering meaningful connections and bringing together a community united by their shared passion for canines. With the app's launch, dog owners in Boston and beyond now have a dedicated platform to meet and connect with potential partners who understand the joy and responsibility of owning a pet. Dig Dates has not only filled a void in the dating world but has also created countless tail-wagging love stories and lasting relationships.

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