Candid Multi-platform App Classified

Leveraging Flutter for handling large amounts of data and enhanced user experience



Candid, the world's largest source of information about nonprofit organizations, aimed to revolutionize the way people access and utilize data in the social sector. The organization faced the challenge of managing massive datasets and providing an optimal user experience across multiple platforms.

Candid partnered with L+R to develop a public-facing mobile app called Project Real-Time and an internal data management application. The primary objectives were to improve data accessibility, enhance user experience, and leverage design transformation.

Why Flutter?

Choosing the right technology stack was crucial for Candid to meet its goals. After evaluating several cross-platform frameworks, Flutter emerged as the most viable option. The framework's ability to deliver high performance and a unified experience across iOS and Android platforms made it the perfect fit for Candid's needs. Moreover, Flutter's robust ecosystem allowed for rapid development and deployment, enabling Candid to focus on feature-rich, user-centric design.

Our Solution

L+R and the Candid team collaborated to create user journey maps and an in-depth UX strategy document that included personas, stakeholder interviews, and ethnographic research. The development process was streamlined with Flutter's single codebase approach, allowing for quicker iterations and more efficient resource allocation. The app was designed to provide real-time, tailored funding opportunities, charity news, grants, and detailed information about individual nonprofits and foundations.


The Candid app has become an indispensable tool in the social sector, offering real-time nonprofit information and increasing transparency. The app features a wide range of functionalities, all built on a single, scalable platform. This has not only accelerated the development process but also significantly improved user feedback. Candid is committed to continuous improvement, with many features planned in the app's roadmap.