Cakewalk Rebrand Classified

Remastering an icon: A rebrand to harmonize tradition with the future for music production software


Evolved the Cakewalk brand to resonate with modern creators

Bridging legacy with future innovation

Focus on the ethos of the "democratization of music production"

Who is Cakewalk?

Cakewalk has been a significant player in the music production software industry since its inception in 1987. Acquired and passed through various corporate hands, including Roland and Gibson Brands, the brand is currently under the umbrella of Singaporean music company BandLab Technologies. Cakewalk's flagship product, SONAR, has long been recognized as a top-tier digital audio workstation (DAW), widely used for its seamless integration of multi-track recording and editing of digital audio and MIDI.

Our Approach

We developed a new visual brand strategy for Cakewalk that focuses on being accessible and inclusive, creative and authentic, and easy yet powerful. Cakewalk's refreshed identity aims to empower 'bedroom producers,' a growing demographic that makes music from the comforts of their home. The brand aspires to meet customers where they are, connecting with them in a relevant and authentic manner.

Expanding the brand language

The brand identity components and design language are adaptable across Cakewalk's product suite, marketing efforts, and beyond. The intention was to set the visual and tonal groundwork for Cakewalk to communicate its core values and to resonate with both new and existing users.

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