Body and Mind Cannabis Classified

Elevating a multi-state cannabis operator's brand through design-thinking and systemic engagement



Body and Mind Inc. (BaM) is a publically traded multi-state cannabis operator committed to excellence, operating dispensaries across the United States and producing award-winning cannabis strains. With a mission to provide a balanced and mindful approach to cannabis consumption, BaM has earned a reputation for quality and innovation.

The rapid expansion of the cannabis industry, however, presented BaM with the significant challenge of maintaining a cohesive and compelling brand identity that resonates across diverse markets and product lines.


BaM's diverse operations, spanning cultivation, production, and retail, faced the intricate challenge of unifying its brand identity to ensure consistency, appeal, and engagement across various states and consumer segments.

The primary goal was to elevate BaM's brand presence, creating a unified, customer-centric experience that transcends the traditional product-focused approach, thereby fostering a stronger emotional connection with the consumer base.


L+R initiated the project with comprehensive research, including market analysis and audience insights, to shape a holistic brand strategy. This process integrated our services to build a foundational structure for Body and Mind Inc.'s brand identity, aiming for market alignment and improved consumer engagement.

We then strategically segmented the implementation into distinct components, focusing on enhancing the company's positioning and presence in the market.

Brand Architecture

L+R developed a robust brand architecture to streamline BaM's presence across all platforms. This framework was designed to ensure consistency in messaging and to clarify the brand's positioning within the competitive cannabis market.

Go-To-Market Strategy

The team crafted a tailored go-to-market strategy that effectively communicated BaM's core values and product offerings. This strategy was specifically designed to meet the nuanced demands of different markets while underscoring the brand's commitment to quality and wellness.

Unified Design System

A cohesive visual identity system was created for BaM's in-house brands. This unified design system ensured brand recognition and appeal through consistent packaging and promotional materials, making BaM's products instantly recognizable to consumers.

Mascot & Character Illustration

To infuse the brand with personality and enhance customer engagement, L+R designed unique mascot and character illustrations. These creative elements made the brand more approachable and memorable, fostering a deeper emotional connection with the audience.

Sub-Branded Product Design

L+R expanded BaM's product portfolio by designing sub-branded products that maintained coherence with the overarching brand identity. This approach allowed BaM to cater to specific consumer preferences, enriching the brand's offerings while ensuring a consistent brand experience.


The collaboration between Body and Mind Inc. and L+R has led to a transformative impact on BaM's brand identity and market positioning. The strategic initiatives have not only unified BaM's branding across all touchpoints but also deepened the brand's connection with its audience, fostering a community centered around wellness and balance.

The introduction of mascots and character illustrations has added a layer of relatability and engagement, making BaM a standout brand in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, the expansion into sub-branded products has allowed BaM to diversify its offerings, appealing to a broader audience while maintaining brand integrity. This comprehensive branding overhaul has positioned Body and Mind Inc. as a leader in the cannabis space, known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centricity.

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