AveNew Activist Declassified

Providing a digital platform for authentic communication between unions and their members


Disrupting activism with a patent-pending technology

A social activism ecosystem to mobile for change and engage union members

14.6 million total labor union members in the United States

The Challenge

Streamline and Strengthen Union Communication

The traditional Union Hall was once the hub of working family education, engagement, and solidarity; however, the Union Hall as we knew it has been replaced by social media channels that are designed to amplify the loudest – and not necessarily the most trustworthy – voices.

Change is needed but Local Unions lack a truly digital community setting to educate, inspire, engage, motivate, and reward their members for taking action. AveNew turned to L+R to develop an engagement platform that would inspire members to be active in their communities to truly help themselves. AveNew’s mission is to be the first organization to offer a platform to all union organizations.

The Solution

Technology-Enabled Design

L+R worked with AveNew to develop a strong brand strategy as well as a digital platform that reflected and amplified the organization’s message. Building a platform that was clean and concise, L+R creatively implemented a solution that worked alongside with, and in response to, the COVID crisis and societal issues occurring in the modern world today.

With L+R we have found the perfect partner to bring our vision to reality – and to continue to evolve the platform so that people can fight for themselves to achieve what's right for their communities.

Barb Maynard, Founder, AveNew

The Impact

Mobilized Digital Unification

AveNew has launched a powerful iOS/Android mobile application, designed for worker unions to offer their membership. Members can read news pieces, learn about events, see calls-to-action, purchase incentives with points, and receive push notifications with action requests for their specific union and community.

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