Alexander Multi-platform App Classified

Digital storytelling through luxury and premium experiences with Flutter


Developed a unique storytelling app, reaching the Top 50 of the Apple App Store chart and gaining features in major publications like NYT and Washington Post.

Collaborated with award-winning writers, actors, and filmmakers to create immersive, high-quality long-form content for users.

Invented a patent-pending technology called "The Toggle" that enables seamless transitions between reading and listening to narrations.


Alexander aimed to redefine the traditional storytelling experience by offering a platform that houses high-quality stories, narrated by renowned voices and paired with captivating visuals. The challenge was to create a seamless, luxurious user experience that could be easily managed and scaled.

The goal was to work with world-class storytellers to enhance the user experience while broadening the accessibility and depth of each story.

Why Flutter?

Choosing the right technology was crucial for Alexander to deliver a premium and luxurious storytelling experience. Flutter emerged as the ideal choice for its ability to provide a high-quality, consistent experience across different platforms. The team was initially concerned about the maturity of Flutter but soon realized its potential for delivering a rich, interactive user experience that aligns with Alexander's brand ethos.

Our Solution

The team at Alexander, in collaboration with L+R, decided to rewrite their app using Flutter. This move enabled them to focus on what they do best: storytelling. With Flutter, they were able to implement intricate animations and micro-interactions that elevated the user experience. The app was built with both aesthetics and scalability in mind, ensuring long-term functionality and growth.

The L+R team's problem-solving skills have helped us to deliver our content in ways that nobody has done before.

Cameron Lamb, CEO, Alexander


Within a short period, Alexander has successfully redefined digital storytelling. The app now features stories from renowned storytellers like Helena Bonham Carter and offers a seamless experience across platforms. The use of Flutter has not only accelerated development but also allowed the team to maintain a consistent, premium experience for their users.

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