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[VIDEO] L+R Director of Strategy, Alex Levin, featured on ‘New Realities’ documentary covering AR/VR

Apr 26, 2017

by L+R

New Realities is a short documentary about the boundary-pushing developments in the world of augmented reality and virtual reality. This film touches on topics such as technology being used for social justice, developing content on this new platform, and more!

L+R Director of Strategy and co-founder, Alex Levin, gives his input on the current state, where L+R has seen opportunities and what the future may hold.

“Creating New Realities was about delving into the emerging landscape of AR/VR and making the information accessible for everyday people. What I enjoyed most while making this film was creating relationships with pioneering companies and artists that are maximizing the potential of this budding technology.”

Yosef Alexander
Creator, Director, Producer