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USA Weekly Interview with Alex Levin, Founding Partner at L+R

Jan 27, 2018

by Alex Levin

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USA Weekly interviewed Alex Levin, L+R’s Strategy Director and Founding Partner. Levin discussed his personal drive, the companies’ vision and growth, the business challenges within the design, technology and consulting / professional services industry as well as what advice he would give a younger version of himself.

Here’s a excerpt from his conversation:

“I started the company after I graduated college. This was something that my younger self was overly eager to do, however, where I lacked in years of experience, I had in overwhelming drive and ambition. These qualities helped us to attract prestigious companies that sought out our services…Our staff is now diverse in cultural background and skillset. They compliment the expertise that myself and my co-founder embodied when we first decided to start the business, and are key to our team, the providing industry-leading solutions we are building our reputation on.”

Alex Levin
Co-founder and Director of Strategy L+R

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