Project Launch

Public Invited to Crowd-Source Fine Art in the Digital World

Jul 30, 2019

by Pamela Malinoski

Hybrid 2.0, a democratically driven, technologically based creation for London exhibition

What if you could collectively take the tastes and preferences of the public and create a collective piece of art? That’s what famed gallery Lévy Gorvy and L+R are setting out to do, and the public is invited to participate until August 2.

"Back in 1965, artists Peter Phillips and Gerald Laing imagined Hybrid Enterprises, which used market research techniques for the first time to create a work of art." explained Émilie Streiff, Associate Director of Exhibitions at Lévy Gorvy. "During this initial project, the artists surveyed 137 art literates including Ivan Karp, Lawrence Alloway, David Whitney, and Leo Castelli. Participants chose from a sampling of colors, media, and other art components. The collective result was an aluminum sculpture with sleek lines, candy-colored stripes, and neon tubing, reminiscent of a rocket or race car."

Currently, Lévy Gorvy and L+R have produced Hybrid 2.0.

This initiative is an extension of a project that began with the pop-generation in the 1960s.

Émilie Streiff
Associate Director of Exhibitions
Lévy Gorvy

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© The Estate of Gerald Laing © Copyright Peter Phillips

Hybrid 2.0 is a leading example of the importance of actionable information gathering. We are most excited by the piece’s celebration of the alternative approach to art-making that emerged with the pop-generation, and couldn’t think of a better team to complete it other than L+R and Lévy Gorvy. We are excited about working with the international consultancy and global powerhouse gallery to blend design, technology and art into this new contribution to the world of fine arts.

Ana Carolina Macià
Partner Program Manager