Project Launch

Heywood & Sons partnership for the design research and development of a smart device to track water usage in the home

Jul 25, 2017

by L+R

19 L+R partnered with Heywood & Sons on their Watersen project to design and build the software interface that connects and operates their hardware device. Watersen is a non-intrusive IoT sensor for families to track their household water consumption. The project is co-funded with the Suez Group.
13 image water

Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day.

L+R built the user interface design that connected the smart device with Bluetooth to the Watersen sensor; creating a seamless digital customer experience for ease-of-use and simple setup. “Designing interfaces for IoT space demands context consideration in a broader sense than we’re normally used to when working on mobile apps. User journeys surpass the boundaries of the device, and have to involve various properties of the immediate surrounding. Which part of the apartment is the user in? Is it light or dark? Are devices aware about each other? Is there cell reception in your basement? Many potential sources of technological friction need to be accounted for in the user interface, in order to maintain the illusion of seamless smart environment that is the internet of things.” explains Eugene Krivoruchko a Digital Product Designer at L+R.
13 image engineering

Electrical engineering of the Watersen product

Heywood & Sons

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