Project Launch

A MobileVR prototyping tool, L+R launches the LookSee iOS app.

Nov 7, 2017

by L+R

Within L+R’s design and technology squad, all sorts of tools are developed to help make communication of ideas easier. LookSee – VR, was a tool initially developed by one of our epic engineering interns, Jaclyn Horowitz, to aid in a project we were working on to conceptualize AR and VR user interfaces. The result as a simple 360 degree & VR experiences image viewer.

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How it works

Simply download any equirectangular image to your phone and instantly be able to view within two viewing options:

Hold your phone either horizontally or vertically and moving around you are able to see all angles of the image. You may also use your finger to scroll along the current horizontal viewpoint.

Turn your phone horizontally and place it into a VR and/or Google Cardboard headset to immerse yourself in the image with head position tracking.

To add interface elements, take those equirectangular images and combine them with a few Smart Layers within Photoshop and Plugins within Sketch that we created to distort the images to properly be displayed in the correct perspective.

Try downloading this:

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Here is an overlay grid of how the equirectangular image is getting distorted to match a somewhat real-world perspective.

We built this tool for ourselves to help with rapid prototyping VR experiences and wanted to share. Please send us your feedback and feature ideas/requests!

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