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L+R Joins European-American Chamber of Commerce: A Milestone in Global Expansion

Aug 30, 2023

by Rena O'Brien

We're pleased to announce that L+R has joined the European-American Chamber of Commerce. This significant development is in line with our regional strategy, which aims not only to widen our influence in European and American markets, but also to put a spotlight on diversity and local market expertise. This membership enables us to enhance our services for current clients while also broadening our scope in linking European and American markets.

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Joining the European-American Chamber amplifies our ability to unite markets and honor diversity. It's a win for us and our clients.

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L+R has always been a firm believer in the power of a robust regional strategy. With our global headquarters in the vibrant Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, we've been able to make a considerable impact in the Americas over the past decade. Our European headquarters located in Poble Nou, Barcelona, serves as a focal point for our European operations.

Valuing Diversity and Local Insights

One of our core principles at L+R is valuing diversity, both within our teams and in our approach to markets. We understand that a deep comprehension of local markets is vital for producing solutions that are both innovative and culturally sensitive. L+R is not just a business; we are a collection of individuals inspired by cultural centers around the world. The creativity and diversity found in these centers inform our operations, influencing how we engage with projects and approach problem-solving.

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Why Joining the European-American Chamber of Commerce is Significant:

By joining the European-American Chamber of Commerce, we are solidifying our commitment to fostering strong business relationships between Europe and the Americas. This membership will serve as a platform for exchanging best practices, networking, and participating in high-level discussions relevant to both markets. This membership is not merely symbolic; it is a gateway to business growth. It will provide us with the necessary resources and network to tap into new opportunities, thereby aligning with our regional strategy of global expansion.

Providing Value to Our Clients

One of the immediate benefits of this new membership will be the enhanced value we can offer our clients. Through a more expansive network and resources, we can now deliver even more comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses operating in or between Europe and the Americas.

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L+R Barcelona is the company's European headquarters

Beyond Europe and the Americas

In addition to our strong presence in the Americas and Europe, we are also committed to making waves in APAC, Africa, and the Middle East. Our activities in these regions are not only burgeoning but also driven by collaborations with local partners, ensuring that we are part of the innovative spirit that defines these areas.

As L+R takes this exciting step forward, we look to the horizon with anticipation for what the future holds. The European-American Chamber of Commerce membership is a significant addition to our global expansion efforts, and we are keen to dive deep into the myriad opportunities this affiliation offers.