L+R’s Liquid Crystal title sponsor for Boutique Hotel Investment Conference

Jun 28, 2024

by Roberto Ranucci

L+R’s special business unit, Liquid Crystal, took on the title sponsorship of the Boutique Hotel Investment Conference in New York City on June 5th, following the NYU Hotel Investment Conference. Hosted by the Boutique & Lifestyle Leaders Association (BLLA), the event convened key figures from the boutique hospitality sector to explore contemporary trends and forward-looking strategies.

The global boutique hotels market size is estimated to grow by $9.14 billion, accelerating at a CAGR of 6.51% between 2023 and 2027 (source: Technavio). This growth highlights the importance of strategic investments and innovations in the sector. According to a study by Shiji Group, the most important reasons for hoteliers to implement new technologies worldwide are the ability to increase profitability, ease of use, and quality of ongoing support.

By participating in this event and supporting boutique hospitality clients, we seek to connect with new visionaries in the industry looking to push the boundaries of digital technologies' ability to enhance real-world experiences, help drive industry advancement, and ensure our clients stay at the forefront of guest experiences.

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Alex Levin, co-founder of L+R, moderated a panel on emerging markets where Jason Liebman of Auric Road and Ben Weinberg of Trailborn delved into the nuances of these regions, discussing both the potential and challenges they hold for boutique hotel operators. Alex facilitated a robust exchange of ideas, emphasizing the strategic considerations necessary for successful market entry and growth.

Ahead of the main event, Liquid Crystal hosted a pre-conference gathering for event organizers and panelists. This intimate setting fostered deep conversations and meaningful connections, establishing a collaborative atmosphere for the conference.

Throughout the conference, the L+R team engaged in detailed discussions about the role of technology in the boutique hospitality industry. Conversations highlighted the significance of strategic advisory services, focusing on technology audits, maximizing operational value, tech stack optimization, and build/buy analysis. The team underscored the importance of integrating advanced digital solutions to enhance both guest experiences and employee workflows.

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In these discussions, we highlighted our platform, Fountain, developed in partnership with Handwrytten. This platform automates the mailing of personalized letters for hotel guests, combining the charm of handwritten notes with the efficiency of modern technology, enhancing the guest experience in a unique and memorable way.

Furthermore, our team discussed the potentials of Spatial Computing, particularly in light of our recently launched ETAP, our corporate emerging technology accelerator program. This initiative is designed for organizations looking to develop proof of concepts for the Apple Vision Pro, showcasing our commitment to pioneering advancements in hospitality technology.

Abhi Patil, a strategist at L+R and the organizer of the partnership with BLLA, emphasized the significance of this collaboration: "Sponsoring the Boutique Hotel Investment Conference aligns perfectly with our mission to support the boutique hospitality industry through strategic and technological innovation. Our involvement allows us to connect with industry leaders and provide the insights necessary to drive forward-thinking solutions."

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Our involvement allows us to connect with industry leaders and provide the insights necessary to drive forward-thinking solutions.

Abhi Patil
L+R, Liquid Crystal

In the realm of hospitality design technology, L+R is dedicated to helping boutique hotel operators leverage innovative tools and methodologies. By conducting thorough technology audits and providing tailored strategic advice, we support operators in making informed decisions that align with their business goals and market demands. Our expertise also extends to refining the digital guest journey, ensuring seamless interactions from booking to check-out, and enhancing employee experiences to boost productivity and satisfaction.

Our commitment to sponsoring groups like BLLA reflects our values and dedication to fostering connections with industry leaders. Participation in the Boutique Hotel Investment Conference underscores our role in driving the boutique hospitality sector forward through strategic insight and technological advancement.