Spireworks Declassified

Interactive landmark art installation platform showcases smart city & citizen engagement for cities and building owners

Client Spireworks

Brand Strategy


Mobile Applications



Integrated in 3 commercial use skyscrapers in New York City

Servicing 40,000 building tenants

Featured in Wall Street Journal


Building Tenant Engagement

As one of the oldest family-run real estate companies in New York City, the Durst Organizations operates three of the most iconic buildings. Spireworks, an organization within Durst, built the innovative technology to control the lights in real time. The L+R team was brought on to increase engagement within the customer journey and identify strategic partnership opportunities.


Connect, Engage & Activate

L+R began with design research methods to understand each stakeholder of the organization and the bleeding edge technology. With Durst's momental assets, raising awareness for causes, while offering magical experiences at the convergence of brands, tenants, and non-profit organizations was the core to generating meaningful value for tenants and citizens.

Applied Innovation

Largest IoT Interactive Art Installation

A mobile application that interacts, controls, and changes the colors of the buildings’ spires in realtime. The project has gained acclaim for its visibility and positioning as the future of the broadcast public honorarium. The platform gives opportunities for building tenants for sponsorships of non-profits, partnerships with brands and developers increasing reach, and engagements to aspire to.

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